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Brenacon is a fully licensed and insured Class A friable asbestos removal company. We provide testing, removals, and disposal services, implementing best practice in managing asbestos removal and remediation throughout Sydney and Wider NSW in all environments and situations.

We maintain a NSW asbestos removal license for both bonded and friable removal and have extensive experience in the management, handling, and removal of this hazardous material and contaminated soil.
Our portfolio spans a wide range of market sectors, including landfill sites, construction, government, and major infrastructure projects.

Asbestos and Our Services

Asbestos was once widely used in construction due to its heat-resistant and insulating properties but it’s now well-known that asbestos fibres pose severe health risks. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and asbestosis.

The removal of asbestos-containing materials requires specialised knowledge, skills, and equipment. Brenacon ensures compliance with strict safety standards and regulations, employing the latest techniques and protective measures to contain and remove asbestos safely, mitigating the risk of exposure and protecting the health of individuals and the community at large.

These are a few of the services we provide:

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos in soil remediation

Brenacon is proficient in undertaking onsite treatment of asbestos including installing marker and capping layers as well as constructing containment cells. This construction method forms a carefully engineered barrier between contaminated waste and the surrounding environment.

If your project deals with contaminated soil, an on-site containment cell is a cost effective and environmentally sound choice.

Asbestos Management

Brenacon is licensed to enable you or your contractors to undertake works in an asbestos contaminated environment. This allows specialist trades to complete their activities efficiently.

We implement strict, best practice environmental and WHS monitoring on all projects that deal with asbestos contamination.

Emergency Make-Safe

Our teams are proficient in undertaking fire and storm damage make safe works. We understand what is required to quickly ensure the safety of your property following an unexpected event.

We are quick to mobilise and ready to implement emergency controls. From temporary spraying of contaminated areas, to quickly cleaning up broken asbestos, or completely remediating your property. We ensure you are back in your property as quickly as possible.

Decontamination units

With custom-built mobile decontamination units, our teams can undertake removal works, quickly mobilising to any location.
Our units arrive complete with power and onboard water tanks allowing us to operate in remote locations without needing a connection to local services.
Our decontamination units are also available for hire.

Want to learn more about our asbestos removal capabilities?

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