Balmain Lead Remediation

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a remediation for a residential development in Balmain. This project involves significant upgrades to the existing structure and the site required remediation of asbestos, lead and hydrocarbons.

Project:               Balmain Lead and Asbestos Remediation

Client:                 Name withheld

Timeframe:        5 weeks (2 site visits)

Location:            Balmain, NSW

Initially Brenacon were request to provide remediation design review and constructability advice centering around construction and design risks, program and methodology to maximise the project goals for the benefit of the client

During the construction phase we were required to complete the removal of several large trees, partial demolition of a heritage listed dwelling, and the remediation  of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead and hydrocarbons on a development site in the heart of Balmain.

As a result of out early and ongoing engineering involvement, the risks identified during planning phase were able to be managed and the cost and time savings identified resulted in the project being delivered to a higher level or remediation that original expected, avoiding the need for an ongoing site management plan. This results in a cleaner site and greatly improves land value. Something that would not have been possible had Brenacon not been involved throughout the lifecycle of the project, rather than just the construction phase.

Project Summary:

·         Early Contractor Involvement resulted in cost reduction

·         Licensing and approvals

·         Site establishment

·         Tree removal

·         Demolition

·         Asbestos removal

·         Lead contaminated soil remediation

·         Supply of all management, plant, labour, consumables

·         Site validation certified by an independent NSW EPA accredited site auditor

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