Cherrybrook High School Mould Remediation

During a severe storm event, the demountable classroom at Cherrybrook High School experienced undetected water ingress into the roof cavity, leading to mould contamination.

Project:            Cherrybrook High School Mould Remediation

Client:              Easytrades

Timeframe:     5 days

Location:        Cherrybrook, NSW

Brenacon was tasked with remediating the classroom’s air and surfaces to make it safe for students to use again. While conducting the remediation, we discovered that a previous contractor’s structural drying was inadequate, preventing the achievement of the necessary post-remediation verification. To meet the timeline for the planned re-occupation, Brenacon utilised its in-house drying equipment to ensure the structure and contents were properly dried.

Project Summary:

• Site establishment
• Remediation of mould on all surfaces
• Remediation of the mould spores in air
• Structural drying
• Obtain an independent post remediation verification to allow re-occupation



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