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Brenacon consists of an experienced team of professionals who have delivered some of our country’s highest-profile civil engineering services in Sydney and greater NSW.

Our clients and delivery partners range across all sectors. We consistently deliver safe, cost-effective outcomes on all our projects.
Brenacon has over 50 years of combined experience with a strong focus on commercial infrastructure and residential projects.

The Choice for Civil Engineering

We stand out from other civil engineering companies in Sydney and greater NSW due to our reputation of providing effective and timely solutions over a range of diverse projects with complex requirements. 

Civil Engineering Services


Brenacon has extensive experience managing earthworks projects, ranging from detailed excavations for residential homes to large infrastructure projects.


Brenacon is well-versed in deep excavations and our experienced team has extensive knowledge and experience with a range of different shoring systems required to complete projects safely. 

Stormwater Drainage

We are proficient in installing stormwater pipes and have experience placing pipes up to 2.4m in diameter. We regularly work with the commonly used reinforced concrete pipe but have also worked with fibre-reinforced and PVC piping.

Services Isolation, Diversion and Reinstatement

A common theme when working in Sydney and other densely populated areas is that there is a service nearby whenever you break ground. Thanks to our years of experience, we have isolated, diverted and reinstated every type of service so that your project causes the least disruption to the neighbourhood.


We have extensive experience with complex and large-scale demolition projects. This demolition capability allows Brenacon to offer a turnkey service to clients who require demolition and civil/remediation works in one contract.

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