Emergency Prohibition Notice Compliance

Emergency Prohibition Notice Compliance

Brenacon were engaged by [name withheld] to undertake emergency prohibition notice compliance involving the immediate make safe and remediation of an asbestos contaminated public space in order to facilitate the removal of the Prohibition Notice imposed by SafeWork after an entire street was shut down in Bilgola Plateau NSW.

Project:              Bilgola Plateau Prohibition Notice Clean Up

Client:                 Name withheld

Timeframe:      2 days

Location:           Bilgola Plateau, NSW

With the entire site being poorly managed and numerous safety breaches complaints from neighbouring properties prompted calls to Licensed Asbestos Assessors, subsequently leading to SafeWork NSW involvement. Investigations found asbestos fibre throughout hte neighbouring properties and street.

Brenacon were required to mobilise immediately (same day) to undertake make safe and remediation works, mitigate further asbestos fibre release or spread  and obtaining a clearance certificate. This work had to be undertaken whilst working non conjunction with Fire and rescue NSW and whilst SafeWork NSW remained present on the site, due to the severity of the issue.

As reported by 9News on December 8, 2020:

A residential street on Sydney’s northern beaches has been forced into lockdown following a major asbestos contamination. Hazmat crews were called to Mariposa Road in Bilgola Plateau late yesterday afternoon after residents raised the alarm when they saw clouds of particles floating in the air. “There was snow, like asbestos over the whole house,” resident Linda Amoah told 9News. “The dogs were covered in asbestos, the whole backyard covered in asbestos.”

Two private cleaning contractors had been employed by a homeowner on the street to pressure clean the roof of their house. However, the force of the water sent fibers from the asbestos-riddled roof throughout the street.

“We’re going to make a hot zone of the area we believe is affected,” Superintendent Kel McNamara from NSW Fire and Rescue told 9News. “This could be a massive clean-up job.” 9News understands the two hired contractors are Hong Kong nationals, who are unlicensed and uninsured.

The asbestos containment has been managed in a multi-agency effort. Drain blocks have been put in place, along with air monitoring systems to ensure the street is safe. At the moment we’re in emergency management mode,” Johnathan Simnett, a licensed asbestos assessor, told 9News. “When asbestos is disturbed it releases fibres into the air, therefore causing contamination.”

The clean-up bill from the contamination is expected to be in excess of half a million dollars and could take weeks to fully clean.

Read the full article relating to how the incident occurred here.

The swift action allowed from our team to achieve the emergency prohibition notice compliance promptly, whilst supporting hte emergency services allowed the prohibition notice to be lifted and the street to reopen.

Project Summary:

  • Make Safe & remediation
  • Licensing and approvals
  • Site establishment
  • Asbestos management, supply of labour, consumnables and equipment
  • Delivery of works without asbestos fibre release
  • Obtaining clearance certificate
  • Removal of prohibition notice imposed by SafeWork NSW

DPA inspecting the scene

Fire and rescue NSW working at Bilgola

Tenant at Bilgola

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