Emergency Response – Stormseal Installation

Emergency response – Stormseal of ACM roof

Brenacon were engaged by [name withheld] to attend an emergency response at Chester Hill due a storm event which has impacted various properties across Chester Hill. This event resulted in damage to an asbestos roof, with debris being blown acorss the property and also neighbouring properites.

Project:              Emergency response – Stormseal of ACM roof

Client:                 Name withheld

Timeframe:      3 days

Location:           Chester Hill, NSW

Brenacon were required to mobilise to the property with less than 1 adays’ notice in order to make the area safe and obtain an interim clearance certificate to allow the safe access for building assessors and other relevant trades.

The scope of work requested of Brenacon included establishment to site, supply of labour and equipment to remove asbestos debris and decontaminate the asbestos contaminated area, seal off the remaining asbestos corrugated roof with Stormseal to prevent asbestos fibre release and further damage to building by inclement weather as well as obtaining a clearance certificated for safe access for insurance assessors and follow-on trades.

Our swift action allowed our client to have safe access to the property for further assessment and other trade service and to prevent further damage to the property.

Project Summary:

  • Make Safe & remediation
  • Rapid site establishmen
  • Asbestos management
  • Supply of labour and equipment
  • Emu picking and decontamination decontamination for safe access
  • Supply & installation of Stormseal to an asbestos corrugated (Super 6) roof
  • Offsite waste disposal and waste tracking
  • Obtaining clearance certificate

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