Friable Asbestos Contaminated Classroom – Clean Up

Brenacon were engaged by Envirocorp Constructions to undertake the remediation of a friable asbestos contaminated classroom. The contamination was caused by an unexpected asbestos find due to retro-fitting some air conditioning units within Campsie Public School.

Project:               Public School Remediation

Client:                 Envirocorp Construction Pty Ltd

Timeframe:      5 days

Location:           Campsie, NSW

Brenacon were requested to complete the removal of the friable asbestos dust, dispose of contaminated porous items and perform a deep clean of the impacted classrooms, prior to the children returning back to school.

The full scope of work included, site establishment, supply of labour, our own plant and equipment, asbestos management, and asbestos remediation whilst mitigating asbestos fibre release and obtaining a clearance certificate.

Our same day mobilisation allowed our team sufficient time to complete the remediation of the friable asbestos contaminated classroom whilst exceeding the tight program set by our client. This prompt delivery program allowed our client to reinstate the classroom before the children were due back at school.

Project Summary:

  • Licensing and approvals
  • Site establishment
  • Asbestos management
  • Supply of labour, plant & equipment
  • Decontamination of non-porous structures and items
  • Disposal of porous items
  • Waste tracking
  • Delivery of works without asbestos fibre release
  • Obtaining clearance certificate

friable asbestos contaminated classroom

friable asbestos contaminated classroom

friable asbestos contaminated classroom


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