Marrickville Friable Asbestos Remediation

Brenacon was engaged by Advanced Building (NSW) to complete the initial “make-safe”, and then replace the 1600 sqm factory asbestos roof and box gutter after It was damaged in a recent hail storm.

Project:              Friable Asbestos Remediation

Client:                Advanced Building (NSW)

Timeframe:     5 weeks

Location:          Marrickville, NSW

To prioritise the safety of the premises and its occupants, our team implemented a well-structured plan that systematically removes the asbestos roof and box gutter. Further, by offering a stage sign-off approach, we were able to facilitate progressive installation of the new roof, effectively minimising any disruptions to the factory’s daily operations.

Our team of skilled asbestos remvoal technicians, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, completed each phase, ensuring quality workmanship and adherence to project timelines.

Completing this project enhanced the structural integrity and safety of the factory facility and eliminated potential risks associated with asbestos exposure.


Project Summary:

·      Initial “make safe” after hail damage

·      Removal of asbestos roof and box gutter

·       Progressive stage sign-off

·       Monitoring and reporting of any disturbed asbestos fibres

·       Obtaining clearance certificate from an independent Licensed Asbestos Assessor

·       Supply of all management, plant, labour, consumables

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