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If you have ever had a leak in a roof, window or pipe, there is a good chance that mould is present. Mould spores can also enter through doorways, windows, vents, and air-conditioning systems.

To ensure a healthy environment, mould remediation is essential. Cleaning and mould removal from surfaces and structures is important. However, mould spores are also airborne and will be undetectable.

This means they’re tricky to contain, making a mould remediation specialist your best option. Our mould remediation specialists in Sydney and greater NSW specialise in mould remediation and removal services in Sydney and Australia.

Mould and Moisture Remediation

For the most effective mould remediation, turn to Brenacon. We have the expertise and equipment to remediate mould and moisture issues within your home or building.

Our thorough approach ensures that we treat not only the visible mould itself, but also the airborne mould spores, the underlying wet building materials and the atmospheric conditions that lead to mould re-growing shortly after a poorly completed remediation.

What Is Mould?

Mould is evident by discolouration on a surface caused by a microscopic fungus. There are several mould species that, given the right conditions, produce naturally occurring and harmful mycotoxins. All it takes for thousands of mould spores to germinate is a bit of dust and water. When airborne, these spores release compounds known to produce a range of respiratory symptoms.

Stopping Mould in Its Tracks

Part of our mould remediation service involves preventing a future outbreak, which means addressing potential sources, such as leaky taps or ceilings that require fixing. Any water ingress areas must be cleaned and dried using our drying equipment.

Attempting to remove mould by yourself can result in cross-contamination of areas and lead to an even bigger problem. Our experience as a mould remediation specialist means we can protect the structural integrity of your home or building while eliminating the long-term health risk posed.

Mould Remediation Standards

Brenacon is accredited with the IICRC as a mould remediation specialist.
We adhere to strict standards and regulations regarding personal protective equipment containing affected sections to prevent mould from spreading further and ensure good indoor air quality by reducing the quantity of airborne fungal spores.

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