Parry Park Friable Asbestos Remediation

Brenacon have successfully completed the remediation of a public park in Lakemba. This project involved working with friable asbestos contaminated soil, mitigate off site disposal and implementing a cap and containment solution to provide an open space fit a children’s playground.

Project:               Parry Park – Friable Asbestos Remediation

Client:                 Mack Civil

Timeframe:        11 weeks

Location:            Lakemba, NSW

Canterbury Bankstown Council undertook redevelopment works to the existing parklands at Koala Road, Lakemba. The renewal works included an amenities building, an upgraded children’s play area and a BBQ and picnic area.

Canterbury Bankstown Council engaged Mack Civil, a civil contractor from their pre-approved panel of subcontractors. Mack Civil in turn engaged Brenacon to undertake the remediation component of the project. Brenacon were selected to perform the contaminated earthworks for the project due to our track record of asbestos management and ability to deliver quality project outcomes.

To meet the final design levels for these works the site would need to undergo a cut to fill operation. In order to complete these works the underlying asbestos contaminated soils would need to be excavated under Class A asbestos remediation conditions and subsequently capped and contained. Given the site is adjacent to utilised public space, the safe management of the asbestos soils was crucial.

Our project team were able to deliver the contaminated cut to fill and associated capping works across the site efficiently whilst ensuring there was no asbestos fibres release.

Project Summary:

·         Licensing and approvals

·         Site establishment

·         Bulk earthworks – cut to fill

·         Installation of marker layer and capping

·         Asbestos management, supply of plant, labour, consumables and air monitoring

·         Delivery of works without asbestos fibre release

·         Obtaining clearance certificate upon completion of the works

·         Supply of all management, plant, labour, consumables

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