Penshurst Mould Remediation

While tradespeople were upgrading the St Declan’s Primary School library, they uncovered a severe mould issue caused by water leakage from the roof.

Project:             Mould Remediation

Client:              2 Types Construction

Timeframe:     1 week

Location:          Penshurst, NSW

The school engaged Brenacon to remediate the situation and remove the mould from the air and surfaces in the library so that other contractors could resume their work and the space could be safely used again.

Brenacon used specialised equipment to clean the air and remove mould from all affected surfaces, ensuring that the post-remediation inspection was completed in time for the scheduled reoccupation of the library.

Project Summary:

• Establish site controls
• Remediation of mould on all surfaces
• Remediation of mould spores in the air
• Removal of mould-affected porous items from the work area
• Obtain an independent post-remediation verification to allow re-occupation



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