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Our Site Remediation Capabilities

On every project we undertake, the team at Brenacon considers a range of factors to ensure success. These issues include past, present, and future use, and the environmental condition of the site to name just a few. We always aim to minimise waste and recycle wherever possible.

This holistic view ensures that we tailor our work to the custom requirements of your project. We are experienced in working with asbestos, lead, and hydrocarbons to name just a few contaminants that we have dealt with.

We employ a range of methods to remediate your site. See below for some of the more commonly used treatments.

Asbestos Removal and Management

Brenacon maintains a NSW asbestos removal licence with extensive experience in the management and handling of this hazardous material.

We have performed removal, cap and contain, management of others’ works or construction within an asbestos contaminated environment making us suitably experienced to solve your contamination issue.

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Bioremediation is being increasingly used as a relatively economical environmental remediation technology.

The ex-situ bioremediation treatment of soil is generally undertaken in contained and managed biopiles resulting in the treated soil being suitable for re-use onsite, thereby reducing the disposal of waste soil to landfill.


We can remove mould from not only surfaces but also airborne particles that are not detectable to the naked eye.

Our drying equipment and processes include surface and structural drying to ensure your property is returned to its former state with minimal destructive removal.

Acid Sulphate Soils

We employ a range of rigorous techniques to ensure that Acid Sulphate Soils and other excavated materials do not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Our team is experienced in identifying these types of soils and conducting a range of tests to differentiate and separate them from less harmful materials. We’re also proficient in water treatments to facilitate effective soil management.


With a demolition license for NSW, we are able to undertake significant demolition projects in our own right. This demolition capability and experience allows Brenacon to offer a turnkey service to clients that require demolition and civil/remediation works in one contract.

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