Removal of Prohibition Notice – Asbestos Contamination

prohibition notice

Brenacon were engaged by [name withheld] to undertake the remediation of an asbestos contaminated site in order to facilitate the removal of the Prohibition Notice imposed by SafeWork in Beecroft NSW. The contamination was caused by a poorly undertaken asbestos inspection and subsequent removal works performed prior to the planned demolition. This was further complicated by an unexpected find of contaminated soil having been used as backfill behind retaining walls and beneath concrete slabs.

Project:               Beecroft Prohibition Notice Clean Up

Client:                 Name withheld

Timeframe:      3 days

Location:           Beecroft, NSW

With the entire site being poorly managed and numerous complaints from neighbouring properties SafeWork NSW issued a prohibition notice preventing further demolition and construction without first remediating the asbestos contamination.

Brenacon were required to utilise the clients’ resources wherever possible to mitigate costs, obtain all necessary permits and approvals to commence the works, undertake site establishment, supply of labour, consumables and equipment, asbestos management, and asbestos remediation whilst mitigating asbestos fibre release and obtaining a clearance certificate.

Our swift action allowed our team to achieve the remediation promptly to have the prohibition notice lifted to allow our client to recommence their works.

Project Summary:

  • Licensing and approvals
  • Utilisation of clients’ equipment
  • Licensing and approvals
  • Site establishment
  • Asbestos management, supply of labour, consumnables and equipment
  • Disposal of asbestos and asbestos contaminated items
  • Delivery of works without asbestos fibre release
  • Waste management
  • Obtaining clearance certificate
  • Removal of prohibition notice imposed by SafeWork NSW

remediation in progress

Asbestos removal

Remediated site


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