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Restore your land with top-tier soil remediation services in Sydney. Our expert contractors specialise in contaminated soil removal. Trust one of the leading soil remediation companies in Australia for effective solutions.

Contaminated land endangers human health and the environment. According to the New South Wales State of the Environment Report, it constrains land use and adds to development costs. When it comes to contaminated soil remediation in the greater Sydney region, we complete projects on time and within budget and reduce waste and boost recycling.

We use the latest techniques such as bioremediation, which is increasingly finding favour as an economic and effective means of environmental remediation, and biopiles, an offsite technique that uses biological processes to render contaminants into harmless by-products.


One of the most effective means of removing contaminants and pollutants from soil to decontaminate affected areas is bioremediation. In terms of soil remediation services, bioremediation is a sustainable means of converting harmful contaminants. Other benefits are minimal disruption to sites and the permanent removal of waste, so it no longer poses a long-term issue.

There are three main types of bioremediation:

  • Microbial: Environmental pollutants are removed or neutralised by means of aerobic or anaerobic microorganisms. The former grow in oxygen while the latter do not require oxygen to grow.
  • Phytoremediation: Metals, pesticides and oils that contaminate soils are extracted by a range of plants.
  • Mycoremediation: Fungi are a cost-effective and efficient type of soil remediation to remove a range of contaminants that damage the environment.

Acid Sulphate Soils

As one of the leading soil remediation companies in the Sydney region, we use a range of techniques to minimise the negative environment impact of acid sulphate soils and other materials that have been dug up.

Acid sulphate soils are quite common and contain iron sulphide minerals such as pyrite. These soils pose no environmental issue if left undisturbed. However, when excavated or drained, the pyrite oxidises into sulphuric acid that damages buildings, roads, other infrastructure and the environment. The sulphuric acid releases metals like aluminium and iron that subsequently result in widespread soil contamination due to rainfall.

Brenacon has the expertise to identify different types of contaminants in soils and conducts rigorous tests to identify any harmful substances. We have extensive experience in soil remediation techniques such as water treatment for an effective soil management strategy. This identifies the best-suited mitigation measures to ensure sites remain viable well into the future. Contact us for the most sustainable soil remediation advice and solutions in the Sydney area.

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