Thirlmere Friable Asbestos Remediation

Thirlmere Friable Asbestos Remediation

Brenacon have successfully completed the storm damage remediation of a rural property in Thirlmere. This project involved an initial make safe following the weather event followed by a full site remediation of asbestos.

Project:               Thirlmere Friable Asbestos Remediation

Client:                 White Wolf Constructions

Timeframe:        4 days

Location:            Thirlmere, NSW

Brenacon were requested to urgently mobilise to site to prevent the spread of friable asbestos exposure, that was a by-product of the hail damaged asbestos sheeting known as “Super 6”. These make-safe works included, the installation of security fencing and applying a polymer to seal the asbestos fines as an interim measure.

Following the make-safe phase of the project, a full asbestos remediation and independent clearance of the site was undertaken. This remediation required nearly 650 tonnes of friable asbestos materials being removed from site in order obtain a clearance certificate through an independent verifier. The remediation works were completed in only 4 days.

Project Summary:

·         Initial make safe works

·         Application of polymer binder by spray truck

·         Installation of temporary fencing and signage

·         650 tonnes (approx) of friable asbestos removed from site

·         Monitoring and reporting of any disturbed asbestos fibres

·         Obtaining clearance certificate from an independent Licensed Asbestos Assessor

·         Supply of all management, plant, labour, consumables


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