UNSW Student Housing

Brenacon were engaged to perform complete remediation of the asbestos-contaminated job site in order for construction of the new Student accommodation to commence.

Project: UNSW Student Housing

Client:              CF Group

Timeframe:    4 weeks

Location:      Kensington, NSW, 2033

Our in-house, custom-designed wet decontamination unit was utilised on site, enabling efficient and safe access for all workers. Our scope involved undertaking the sampling and classification, shoring or boundaries to facilitate the excavation and subsequent disposal of asbestos-contaminated scheduled waste. All works were performed to achieve a site validation with the approval of an independent Site Auditor. The project was completed ahead of the program.

Project Summary:

·       Remediation of asbestos-contaminated soils under friable conditions

·       Construction of internal access road suitable for B-double

·       Protection of third-party assets along all 4 boundaries

·       Shoring using a remove and replace methodology along boundaries to protect adjacent assets

·       Removal of underground storage tank

·       Mechanical and non-mechanical excavation

·       Waste classification

·       Bulk load out of asbestos contaminated scheduled waste to an approved tipping facility

·       Decontamination to obtain a clearance certificate

·       Site validation to allow construction works to commence

·       Approval of remediation activities by an independent site auditor



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